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12704 E Nora Avenue
Suite A
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

The therapists at Nora Avenue are pleased to offer Sampler Treatment Parties as a way of showcasing some of their most popular treatments.

Treat yourself to head to toe pampering...

  • Facial and Scalp Massage
  • Exfoliation
  • Hot & Cold Stone Massage
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Herbal Wrapping
  • Back & Neck Massage
  • Mud Treatment
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Sparkling Cider

We’ll provide you with a robe and then...

Experience the enjoyment of EXFOLIATION from your knees to your toes and from your elbows to your fingertips. The exfoliation treatment greatly benefits dry, weathered or dull skin by gently buffing away lifeless skin cells leaving only smooth soft skin behind. Once the exfoliation has been completed you will receive a deeply relaxing HOT AND COLD STONE MASSAGE on your arms and on your legs. The benefits of this hydrotherapy treatment are seemingly endless, but hot and cold stone therapy is most often used to stimulate circulation, which affects the way every cell in the body functions.

A warm PARAFFIN treatment is a true delight. The paraffin will soften any rough, dry skin while the heat itself has therapeutic value, penetrating through the skin to relieve inflamed achy joints.

The herbs used in the HERBAL WRAPPING treatment are selected and combined to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body. Your upper back and shoulders will be covered in linens that have been steamed in a kettle of these aromatic herbs. We dare you to keep your eyes open as you are wrapped in thermal blankets and left to relax as your muscles soften from the heat preparing you for massage.

Any tension remaining after the herbal wrapping will vanish when trained hands gently MASSAGE the muscles of the NECK, SHOULDERS AND BACK. A cool gel eye pack is applied after your massage.

A MUD MASK will be painted on your face to nourish, hydrate and soften the skin. This special mud has a nutritive skin reviving formula that provides exceptional softening and smoothing. FACIAL AND SCALP MASSAGE techniques will be applied while your race absorbs the minerals from the mud.

To complete this Sampler Treatment Party package, savory and sweet hors d’oeuvres, sparkling cider, hot herbal teas and iced water will be served during these treatments.

Each Sampler Treatment Party is privately booked and will consist of a minimum of 6 participants for a fee of only $60 per person.

Call (509) 216-2126 to book your party today!

Great idea for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers or for anytime you feel the need to be pampered while relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends.